WAY_TransferOnRegion - RPG Maker MV


Transfer the player when he touches a certain region id.


Map Notetags

<Region Transfer: mapId, targetX, targetY, direction, fadeType>

mapId - mapId of the map the player will be transferred to

targetX - player x position on new map

targetY - player y position on new map

direction - facing direction of the player after moving (optional)

For the direction, use one of the following numbers:
0 = retain
2 = down
4 = left
6 = right
8 = up

fadeType - type of the screen transition after moving (optional)

For the fadeType, use one of the following numbers:
0 = black transition
1 = white transition
2 = no transition effect

If there is no direction specified, the plyer will retain it’s current
facing direction.

If there is no fadeType specified, the screen transition will be black.

Download & Install

Download Link
  • Place the plugin into your /js/plugins folder and add it to the Plugin-Manager.
  • This plugin requires WAY_Core.

Terms of Use

Credit must be given to: waynee95
Please don't share my plugins anywhere, except if you have my permissions.

My plugins may be used in commercial and non-commercial products.