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This is my first post.


I have been tinkering around with this website for a few months now. This is actually the first website I ever built. That's why it took a while to find the right "technologies" that I wanna use to keep this site running.

My first attempt on creating a website was Wordpress. You most likely have heard of it. Although a lot of people use it, I don't like it. For me it was a bit too much overhead for a rather simple blog.

After playing around with Wordpress, I looked for alternatives and rather quickly stumbled across Static Site Generators. If you never heard of them, you can check out this post. Basically, they will generate you a static web page. There are quite a lot of different static site generators in the wild differing in complexity and features, but all with the same goal. You write a bunch of markdown files and building a website out of them.


After trying out a few of them, I settled with Zola. I picked it because I like that it's simple but still powerful enough to fit my needs. Zola has only 3 commands:

  • zola init to create your website scaffolding
  • zola build to build/generate your site
  • zola serve to build and serve your site to a local server, for testing etc

You can find more info on how to use zola on their documentation page.

I tested a few of the “popular” static site generators, but I didn't like them. Zola comes close to Hugo. I was about to use Hugo for my site, but I didn't like Hugo's templating language. Zola uses a templating language which is similar to Liquid templates, which I like and used a bit in the past.

Github Pages

When I first had the idea to create a website I bought a webspace. Turns out there are way simpler and cheaper ways to get your site online. Especially, if you have a static site, you don't need all the "features" that come with a webspace.

This website is hosted on Github Pages. It is directly hosted in the repository for this site. You have the option to use a custom domain too.

Why though

There are multiple reasons why I decided to create a website, or rather, start a blog.

The best word to describe the reason is to learn. As I mentioned at the start, I never built a website. So it was interesting to learn how to do that and learn all the different ways on how to do it. I never really used CSS, so it's a great way to get my hands dirty with it... and why this site might not be the most beautiful thing yet.

I wanna use this website to talk about the stuff I am currently learning. I think that writing things down will help you learn it better. I also decided to make this website in English instead of my native language German, because it allows me to improve my English writing skills.

If you are interested in the source of this website, you can find it here.

I hope that you found this rambling interesting and I will see you soon in the next post!